We have a Great Inheritance given by God – Ephesians 1:11 – 13

ImageContinuing to look at the early verses of the first chapter of Ephesians we have arrived at the the sixth blessing detailed by the apostle Paul—God has given us an inheritance, that is, made us the heritage of God Himself. Note several significant points.

1.  The inheritance or heritage was predestinated, that is, foreordained. God works all things out after the counsel of His own will. He must, for only God knows what is best. And nothing could be better than to be given the greatest inheritance possible: that of being made the very heritage of God, the very possession of God.

2.  The inheritance is clearly stated in the words “that we should be,” that is, that we should exist eternally. God gives the believer an eternal state of being—an eternal existence. In fact, the word “inheritance” means heritage. God takes the believer and makes him His own heritage and possession. The believer himself is made the inheritance of God. He is given the glorious privilege of being, of living and existing forever as God’s most cherished possession and heritage. He becomes the most precious gem and treasure of God. This is the believer’s inheritance, his heritage.

3.  The reason God makes us His inheritance is that we should exist to the praise of His glory. We shall live forever in the new heavens and earth as the perfect demonstration of His glory. The fact that God would take sinners—totally depraved sinners—and save them will cause praise upon praise to be heaped upon His name. His unbelievable love will be seen and glorified forever and ever by all creatures—both of heaven and of earth, both visible and invisible, both now and yet to be. All shall stand in stark amazement at God’s spectacular glory—the glory of His eternal grace and love shown to the world in His dear Son, Jesus Christ.

4.  How does a person receive the inheritance? This verse says there are two ways (Ephesians. 1:13).

a.  By hearing the Word of God. A person has to hear the Word of God before he can ever know the truth, the glorious gospel of salvation. He cannot believe in Jesus Christ unless he first hears about Christ.

b.  By believing and trusting in Jesus Christ.

What a great God we have.