Holy Father full of mercy

Christian Hymns







Holy Father full of mercy,
O most high and mighty God.
There is none on earth beside Thee,
Thou alone the living God.
From Thy throne room look upon us,
Fill our hearts with saving grace,
Send Thy Spirit to embrace us,
Grant us light to see Thy face.

Holy Father and Creator,
Sovereign God who rules on high,
Thou alone our souls protector,
Bend Thine ear to hear our cry,
For we need Thy grace and mercy
To resist indwelling sin.
We Thy children cry for pity,
Grant us strength to fight and win.

Holy Father, King Immortal,
God of love and God of grace.
Thou alone who art eternal,
Descend now upon this place.
Fill our hearts with Thy sweet presence,
Shed abroad Thy Holy love,
May the perfume of Thy fragrance,
Come upon us from above.

Robert Dickie (1950 -)
(Christian Worship No:158 page 129/30)